Summary of Requirements

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法規名稱: Summary of Requirements
頒布單位: Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA)
國家(地區)別: 加拿大
頒布日期: 2021.12.21
關鍵字: mango, mangoes, fresh, import, importer, 芒果, 進口
法規內容/檢疫條件: Recommendations to CBSA/Documentation and Registration Requirements Approved(must be accompanied by the following documents\registrations): Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) membership exempt Safe Food for Canadians LicenceORApproved(must be accompanied by the following documents\registrations): Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) membership number Safe Food for Canadians Licence Importer / Broker InstructionsDOCUMENTATION INSTRUCTIONS Under the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), many food businesses require a licence to carry out activities with respect to food. Importers, in most cases, require a licence to import food into Canada. Businesses must obtain their SFC licence before presenting their shipment at the border. They will not be able to obtain an SFC licence at the border.For more information on the SFCR licence see a My CFIA account and business profile by going to: your account is created, you will be able to apply for your licence online or access information about the licence and regulations through your My CFIA account. When applying for a licence, ensure that it covers importing food as well as the food commodity or commodities you are importing.When submitting your import information you need to provide your SFC licence number, along with all other pertinent information about your shipment.A Safe Food for Canadians licence number is to be entered as part of an import declaration in the applicable AIRS Registration Type (#893 - Safe Food for Canadians Licence) for the purpose of facilitating release.For those submitting declarations using the Integrated Import Declaration (IID) the licence should be declared as an Alpha-numeric Dematerialized Licence, Permit, Certificate, and Other document (LPCO).Electronic Submissions (EDI): - SFC Licence number and DRC Membership number or DRC exempt must be indicated as part of your electronic submission - no documents are required at point of entry when clearing electronicallyPaper Release: a COS Form and a Request for Documentation Review form (CFIA/ACIA 5272) must be completed and faxed to the NISC for verification for all commercial shipments prior to import, if using Paper Release. - the stamped Request for Documentation Review form (CFIA/ACIA 5272) is required and must accompany all commercial shipments at point of entry for Paper clearanceConfirmation of Sale (COS) Form: - must include SFC Licence number and DRC Membership number in the following format: SFC Lic # ____________________ and DRC # ______________ or DRC exempt declaration on the COS form in box 22 "Special Agreements and related expenses" - must include vendor and purchaser information; - must include a description of commodity, including quantity and price; and, - must be completed and signed either by the exporter or the importer, prior to the importation of the fresh produce.CONDITIONS OF IMPORT Importers are responsible for ensuring that the food they import for sale into Canada comply with the requirements of all applicable Canadian legislation including Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations, and the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.-Subject to inspection by CFIA.-The origin of this material must be clearly identified on shipping documents.- Labelling must be in French and English for prepackaged products sold at retail. - United States "Nutrition Facts" information is not permitted; label claims must comply with the Regulations.Attention - EDI/ACROSS clients - To ensure auto approval of this commodity by the CFIA, you must press the "IID" button to obtain the codes necessary to complete your electronic release transmission. Failure to submit these codes will result in a "machine reject" message from the CFIA.-Must be free from soil, pests, leaves and/or plant debris.