Country of origin is Taiwan

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法規名稱: Country of origin is Taiwan
頒布單位: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry(DAFF)
國家(地區)別: 澳大利亞
頒布日期: 2023.03.08
關鍵字: import, fresh pineapple, Import Permit, 鳳梨, 進口
法規內容/檢疫條件: Import Conditions Import conditions define the biosecurity requirements which must be met for your import. Where import conditions have been developed, they will be listed below. a. These import conditions apply to the following fresh produce only: Pineapple (Ananas comosus). Import conditions prior to arrival in Australian territory b. Prior to the importation of goods into Australian territory, a valid import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is required. An import permit may be obtained by submitting an import permit application to the department (use the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of this page). c. These import conditions apply to decrowned fresh pineapples only. d. Pre-export requirements The pineapples must be grown in Taiwan using standard commercial production practices and packing procedures as described in the Final report for the review of biosecurity import requirements for fresh decrowned pineapples from Taiwan. e. The importer must present evidence that the goods have been sourced and produced in accordance with: 1. the required system of operational procedures to maintain and verify the phytosanitary status of the goods. 2. mandatory pest risk management measures. To demonstrate compliance with this requirement you must present the following on a Phytosanitary certificate: The additional declaration: "The fruit in this consignment have been produced in Taiwan in accordance with the conditions governing entry of fresh decrowned pineapples to Australia.” An original phytosanitary certificate must accompany the goods. AND 3. evidence that the goods have been fumigated with methyl bromide at [insert applied dosage Xg/m³] for [X hours] at [insert minimum temperature °C] 4. the date of fumigation 5. the name and/or number of the fumigation facility. Related Information: o Guideline: Pest risk management measures for quarantine pests of decrowned pineapples from Taiwan o Procedure: Operational procedures to maintain and verify the phytosanitary status of the goods f. The goods must undergo methyl bromide fumigation by an approved treatment provider in accordance with the Methyl bromide fumigation methodology and Guide to performing (Quarantine and pre-shipment) QPS fumigation with methyl bromide, using one of the following rates: Temperature Minimum initial dose Exposure period 21°C or above 32g/m³ 2 hours 16°C to 20.9°C 40g/m³ 2 hours 11°C to 15.9°C 48g/m³ 2 hours 10°C to 10.9°C 56g/m³ 2 hours g. Note: o The department does not allow dosage compensation where the ambient temperature is below 10ºC. o The load factor must not exceed 80%. o To ensure an effective fumigation the department requires that 60% of the initial dose rate is retained at the end of the exposure period. h. Packaging, labelling and conveyances Goods must be exported using one of the department’s secure packing options. i. The following information must be visible on each carton or package: 0. Product of Taiwan for Australia 1. Pineapples 2. Packinghouse name and/or registration number 3. Treatment facility name and/or number.