Vapour heat quarantine treatment for Taiwan native mango variety fruits infested with fruit fly

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作者: Le, T. N., C. C. Shiesh, H. L. Lin, and E. Lee
刊名: Journal of Applied Horticulture
出版年: 2010
關鍵字: Vapour heat;oriental fruit fly;quarantine pests;‘Tuu Shien’ mango
摘要: The objective of the research was to evaluate the effi cacy of Vapour heat treatments (VHT) to disinfest the Taiwan native mango variety fruits (Tuu Shien) from the oriental fruit fl y (Dacus dorsalis Hendel) and the effect of the treatments on the quality of mango fruits. The three stage treatment of forced air at 30o C for 30 minutes, 30 to 48o C for 60 minutes, and then 48o C forced hot air with saturated humidity over the mango fruit surface until the fruit centre temperature reached 46.5o C and fruit was held for 40 minutes. Survival tests showed that both second and third generation instars were more susceptible to the VHT than eggs and there were no surviving oriental fruit fl y after 46.5o C for 40 min. The quality of local mango fruits treated with VHT and stored at ambient temperature (28 ± 3o C) for 6 days was not signifi cantly different from the control.