Postharvest handling and losses during marketing of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

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作者: R. Paull, W. Nishijima, M. Reyes, C. Cavaletto
刊名: Biology
出版年: 199707
關鍵字: HandlingSorting、DecayFruit disorders、Marketing
摘要: Papaya fruit postharvest losses up to 75% have been reported to Hawaii shippers by mainland USA wholesalers and retailers. These losses are often blamed on decay, however, this decay can be associated with storing color-break fruit for more than 3 weeks at 10°C or lower temperatures. A number of non-pathological fruit disorders are seen in retail markets, with some confusion amongst personnel as to the cause. `Soft' fruit, for example, can be caused by mechanical impact injury of ripening fruit and by fruit with low flesh calcium at harvest that can ripen at twice the normal rate. The requirements for the ripening and storage of papaya are discussed. Evaluation of postharvest losses is considered in relation to the variation and limitations in ripening and storage facilities in the current handling system. There is a need to develop methods to predict papaya fruit yield and size distribution to allow orderly marketing and to accurately sort fruit as to their internal stage of ripening.
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