Postharvest conservation of ‘Sunrise Solo’ papaya under cassava starch coatings added with ginger essential oil

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作者: M. Véras, Francisco de Assys Romero da Mota Sousa, S. M. Silva
出版年: 2021-03-14
摘要: The use of biodegradable coatings associated with essential oils with fungicidal action can be an efficient alternative in the conservation and reduction of postharvest losses of papaya, a very perishable fruit susceptible to decay. In this sense, the objective of this work was to evaluate the postharvest conservation of papaya under cassava-based starch biodegradable coatings, added with essential oil (EO) of ginger. The experimental design was the completely randomized in a split-plot scheme, with the plot consisting of 5 coatings applied to ‘Sunrise solo’ papaya’ harvested in the light green maturity stage: (control (without coating); 2% cassava starch (S2%); S2% + 0.15% ginger essential oil (EO); S2% + 0.30% EO and S2% + 0.45% EO) and in the subplot the days of storage: (0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 days), with 4 replications. Papaya coated with S2% + 0.30% EO showed a delay in color evolution, lower weight loss, maintained the levels of soluble solids and ascorbic acid, in addition to reducing the incidence of decay and increasing the purchase intention, thus increasing postharvest life in 4 days as related to control fruits. The use of 2% starch coating added with 0.30% ginger essential oil is a viable, sustainable and low-cost alternative for maintaining the quality and adding value to ‘Sunrise solo’ papaya as a clean technology.
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