Phenolic compositions and antioxidant properties of leaves of eight persimmon varieties harvested in different periods

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作者: Chang,YL;Lin,JT;Lin,HL;Liao,PL;Wu,PJ;Yang,DJ
出版年: 2019
摘要: The compositions and contents of antioxidant components and antioxidant attributes (scavenging DPPH radicals, TEAC, ferric reducing power and inhibiting Cu2+-induced human LDL oxidation) for the leaves of eight persimmon varieties harvested from Sep. to Nov. were determined. Harvest time and variety were important factors affecting the compositions and contents of phenolic compounds in persimmon leaves; moreover, phenolic contents (polyphenol, flavonoid, condensed tannin and phenolic acid) of the leaves were significantly correlated with their antioxidant activities. For each variety, the leaves harvested in months with higher temperature, solar radiation and sunshine duration had higher phenolic contents contributing to better antioxidant properties (ranking: Sep. > Oct. > Nov.). In addition, the compositions and contents of phenolic components and antioxidant capacities for the leaves from various persimmon varieties were also different. The leaves of persimmon varieties belonging to pollination constant and astringent (PCA) had higher phenolic contents and also presented better antioxidant effects.
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