Frozen fruit, fruit pulp or flesh (excluding banana)

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法規名稱: Frozen fruit, fruit pulp or flesh (excluding banana)
頒布單位: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry(DAFF)
國家(地區)別: 澳大利亞
頒布日期: 2023.03.08
關鍵字: import, frozen fruit, Import Permit, 進口, 冷凍水果
法規內容/檢疫條件: Import conditions prior to arrival in Australian territory a. A Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry import permit is not required. b. Each consignment must be verified to have undergone an appropriate freezing process. This freezing process includes preparation, packaging and storing. To demonstrate compliance with this requirement you must present the following on a Freezing declaration, Packing list, Supplier's declaration, Exporter's declaration, Export certificate, Commercial invoice, Beneficiary certificate or Manufacturer's declaration: 1. country of origin 2. scientific name 3. packaging information 4. processing information 5. hard frozen statement 6. a statement that the produce has been continuously maintained at -18°C or below for a period of at least seven days. c. Produce must be commercially prepared and packaged in clean and new packaging. d. The goods must be clean and free of contaminant seed, soil, animal and plant debris and other biosecurity risk material prior to arrival in Australian territory. Import conditions after arrival in Australian territory e. The goods must arrive frozen. f. Consignments meeting the above conditions may be released without an inspection. Goods are subject to random verification inspections to verify the frozen state of the goods and to check for non-invoiced items.