Efficacy of Hexanal Field Spray on the Postharvest Life and Quality of Papaya Fruit (Carica papaya L.) in Kenya

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作者: M. Hutchinson,John R. Ouko,Peninah M. Yumbya,J. Ambuko,W. Owino,J. Subramanian
刊名: Advances in Agriculture
出版年: 2022-04-14
摘要: "Papaya is a thin-skinned fruit that ripens and softens over a very short time, usually in 3 days, predisposing the fruit to physical damage and phyto-pathogen invasion even with careful handling further shortening postharvest shelf life. The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of Hexanal, naturally occurring compound, on-farm spray, in managing the postharvest shelf life of papaya in two agro-ecological zones in Kenya. A formulation of Hexanal containing Tween 20 and ethanol was made by volume basis (v/v) and spray treatment at 1 and 2% in “Solo sunrise” and “Mountain” papaya cultivars. The experiment was a randomized block design with ninety-six plants per farm randomly selected. Spraying was applied at 30 days, 30 + 15 days, and 15 days to harvest time on mature green papaya. Control papaya fruits were sprayed with clean tap water as control. Data were collected on color changes and fruit retention on tree. The fruits were harvested when two to three yellow stripes were visible from the lower end of the fruits for postharvest analysis. Hexanal sprayed papaya fruits were retained for at least 13 days longer compared to the control fruits on tree. Hexanal treatment at 2% revealed an improved effect on managing papaya postharvest shelf life. All fruits treated with Hexanal significantly showed reduced rate of color break, softening, and enhanced extension of fruit shelf life by at least 6 days. Hexanal treatment also delayed ethylene and respiratory peaks by three days and showed no significant ( P ≤ 0.05 ) difference in the levels of total titratable acidity and total soluble solids. The results of this study indicate that Hexanal applied as a preharvest spray on mature green “Solo sunrise” and “Mountain” papaya cultivars grown in Kenya, is effective in prolonging shelf life and postharvest quality."
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