effects of chitosan coatings and smoke-water on postharvest quality of ‘Tainung NO.2’ papaya fruits

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作者: Chumpookam J.; H. L. Lin;C. C. Shiesh.
刊名: 臺灣園藝
出版年: 2014
關鍵字: 呼吸率;採後病害;貯藏品質;番木瓜;respiration rate;postharvest disease;storage quality;Carica papaya L.
摘要: 本試驗擬評估甲殼素及煙燻水對台農二號番木瓜採收後後熟品質及病害控制之影響。番木瓜果實以0.5%甲殼素、10%煙燻水、20%煙燻水、10%煙燻水加0.5%甲殼素或純水(對照)處理,隨後貯藏於室溫28℃ 9天。結果顯示,以0.5%甲殼素包覆或以10%煙燻水結合0.5%甲殼素處理的番木瓜果實失重減少,硬度變化不大,且延緩果皮及果肉轉色。果實呼吸率及乙烯釋放率下降,後熟及老化亦延緩。然而10%或20%煙燻水處理提升果實呼吸率及乙烯釋放率,並使番木瓜較其他處理更快後熟。在貯藏後期,0.5%甲殼素處理呈現最佳結果,3.7%發病率及1.4病害指數,對照組則為14.6%發病率及1.9病害指數。甲殼素處理可有效延緩採收後番木瓜果實後熟、維持品質及減少腐損;煙燻水則會加速採收後果實後熟,而降低櫥架壽命,且無法有效控制番木瓜採後病害。The effects of chitosan coatings or smoke-water on postharvest quality of 'Tainung No. 2' papaya fruit were investigated. Papaya fruits were treated with 0.5% chitosan, 10% smoke-water, 20% smoke-water, a combination of 0.5% chitosan and 10% smoke-water, or distilled water (control) before storage at the ambient temperature of 28℃for 9 days. A coating of either 0.5% chitosan or a combination of 0.5% chitosan and 10% smoke-water resulted in papaya fruits with reduced weight loss, maintained firmness, and delayed color changes in the peel and pulp. Furthermore, the fruit respiration and ethylene production rates were reduced. In addition, fruit ripening and senescence were delayed. However, dipping of 10% or 20% smoke-water increased the rates of respiration and ethylene production, causing the papaya to ripen faster than the other treatments. At the end of the storage period, the 0.5% chitosan coating resulted in significant disease control, with a 3.7% disease incidence and 1.4 severity index, as compared to the control with 14.6% disease incidence and 1.9 severity index. The application of chitosan has an excellent effect on delaying ripening, maintaining quality and reducing postharvest decay of harvested and stored papaya fruits, while smoke-water enhanced ripening process that reduced the shelf life, and has no significant effect for the postharvest fungi disease control.
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