Effect of Vapor Heat and Hot Water Treatments on Disease Incidence and Quality of Taiwan Native Strain Mango Fruits

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作者: Le,TN;Shiesh,CC;Lin,HL
出版年: 2010
關鍵字: Hot water;Vapor heat;Mango disease incidence;Native strain mango fruits;Mango fruit quality
摘要: Taiwan native strain mango fruits (Tuu Shien) had three types of treatments: Hot water (HW) (52, 55, 58℃); Vapor heat treatment (VHT) (46.5℃ for 40 min) and hot water + vapor heat treatment followed cold storage (1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20℃) todetermine incidences disease control treatment and the changes in quality. The HW at 55℃ for 3 min was decreased total spots of anthracnose disease for 6 days compared to control. Moreover, HW at 55℃ for 3 min ontrolled anthracnose disease treatment for 6 days. The vapor heat maintained peel color index, firmness and total soluble solid content at 3℃ of storage time. The disease incidences of the Alternaria alternata and Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes were decreased by application of HW and VHT followed by storage at 3℃ for 3 weeks. Dothiorella mangiferae area increased during the same time but did not affect quality. The HW + VHT combined with continuous storage at 3℃ for ambient room temperature produced the highest fruit quality.
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