Edible Coating Based on Carnauba Wax Nanoemulsion and Cymbopogon martinii Essential Oil on Papaya Postharvest Preservation

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作者: J. O. Oliveira Filho, G. C. Silva, F. Oldoni, M. Miranda, C. Florencio, Raissa Moret Duarte de Oliveira, Mariana de Paula Gomes, M. D. Ferreira
刊名: Coatings
出版年: 2022-11-08
摘要: Papaya is a fruit of great importance worldwide. However, significant losses during postharvest have been reported, which can be minimized by applying lipid nanoemulsions as edible coatings associated with natural antimicrobial compounds. These coatings provide a barrier to gases and water vapor, in addition to improving mechanical properties, thereby delaying natural senescence and minimizing deterioration by phytopathogens during storage. The aim of this study was to investigate the preservation potential of papaya fruits treated with an edible coating based on an association between carnauba wax nanoemulsion (CWN) and Cymbopogon martinii essential oil (CEO). Coatings formulated with CWN and/or CEO were applied to papaya fruits, and resulted in late ripening during the 12-day storage period, without negatively affecting postharvest fruit quality parameters. The coatings reduced weight loss and maintained firmness, in addition to delaying changes in fruit color during storage. Coatings formulated with CWN + CEO were the most efficient formulations in reducing the incidence and severity of fruit rots during storage. CWN coatings incorporating CEO present additional functionalities in maintaining postharvest quality parameters of papaya fruits.
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