A review on the integrated agro-technology of papaya fruit

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作者: T. Workneh, M. Azene, S. Tesfay
刊名: African Journal of Biotechnology
出版年: 201210
關鍵字: Papaya fruit, post-harvest, agro-technology, pre-harvest
摘要: The aim of this review was first to explore the effect of different pre-harvest factors affecting the quality of papaya including genetic factors, climatic conditions, cultural practices on post-harvest quality of the papaya fruit. Post-harvest physiology of papaya in terms of its respiration, ethylene production and sensitivity and transpiration was reviewed. Post-harvest handling and factors affecting quality of papaya were also examined. Post-harvest biochemistry of papaya including enzyme activity, carbohydrates, organic acids, pigments and volatiles in papaya fruit were assessed. A review on post-harvest handling of papaya fruit including packaging and storage environments (temperature and relative humidity) were presented. On the other hand, the post-harvest microbiology of papaya was reviewed. Papaya supply chain is much limited to local destinations with quite few exceptions mainly due to lack of integrated post-harvest handling technologies. Pre- and post-harvest treatments were found to have a significant effect on post-harvest quality of papaya and the fruit storage stability under dry and hot climatic conditions of Africa. An integrated agro-technology research and development approach aimed at improved yield and quality at harvest as well as the maintenance of qualities of papaya fruit in order to encourage farmers to produce and for marketing of the papaya fruit under African local supply chain conditions and for export market is recommended.
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